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You probably recall the term “Taxation without Representation” as being a motto that fueled the American Revolution. The idea is simple. Englishmen in America paid taxes which were spent by a government they did not have a direct representative in.

Bush & Obama have done the same. When a government borrows money, the politicians who spent the money do not have to answer to the people who pay that debt. Instead of being separated by distance from the people paying, these politicians are now separated by time.

When you’re forced to pay and not represented, you are a slave of the state. Be sure to send thank you letters to your slave masters from the future. Or, be sure to go to one of the Tea Parties and be a part of the next revolution.

Also, change your avatar color to yellow at AvaTint.com to protest the increased government spending.

Ed Menendez is a technologist and freedom fighter based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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